What Exactly is a HEPA Filter?

07 November, 2014

Using a HEPA filter can help in trapping pollutants, such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen and other allergens that may trigger your allergies and/or asthma. If you have asthma, your physician would recommend reading air cleaner reviews for pets and dust allergies because this type of filtration system is very useful in bringing relief to your allergies.

What does HEPA stand for?

HEPA or high efficiency particulate air is a type of mechanical air filtration system that traps harmful particles through a fine mesh.

These days, it’s easier to find an air cleaner with this filtration system. However, not all units on the market with HEPA filter can bring relief to your asthma or allergies. Before purchasing one, you need to know how much allergens the filter can clean or trap.

Where to install it?

If you could afford to install an air cleaner on each room in your house, then that would be better (just position it next to the thermostat.However, if you’re short on budget, you should install one in a room where you spend most of your time. For many homes, it’s usually their bedroom.

An air cleaner with this type of filter can be easily obtained from a home improvement store or an allergy supply dealer.

How to maximize its use?

An air cleaner with HEPA filter can remove airborne particles, but you still need to vacuum more frequently. If you have asthma, it’s best to replace your carpets with vinyl flooring or wood tiles. Then, keep your pets outside your house.

Benefits of Wireless Thermostats

06 August, 2014

Having a wireless thermostat in your house will make sure that your residence has the right temperature as soon as you arrive. A Wi-Fi thermostat can help you control your home’s temperature through a remote control from anywhere in your house or via a mobile device or a computer when you’re away from your home. It’s a great option especially if you frequently travel or you have a second home.
Chris from Thermostat Center explained us the following benefits of getting a wireless thermostat.

1. Change temperature from anywhere.

Pretty sure you’ve experienced those nights when you needed to get up in the middle of the night just to adjust the temperature of your unit. With a wireless unit, you can change your bedroom or entire home’s temperature from your bed or anywhere in your house.

2. Get accurate temperature.

Most wireless thermostats communicate with other components of a HVAC system. This means that the temperature you’re getting is extremely accurate based on your home’s comfort levels.

3. Communicate with the outdoor temperature.

If you have installed a temperature sensor outside your house, you can set it up to communicate with your wireless thermostat. In this way, you’ll have a balanced temperature based on the reading of the outside heat and humidity. You can also find some details about your HVAC system status.

4. Access the unit remotely.

Every thermostat owner knows how much longer he/she needs to wait before the house’s temperature cools down. With the help of a wireless thermostat, you can easily lower its settings through a computer or a smartphone. You can set it low or high a few hours or days before you get home, this is to make sure that your house is already cool or warm when you get home.

You can also opt for a unit that can learn about your lifestyle. As a result, it adjusts the house temperature automatically. This will then help you save money and energy overtime.

But no matter how beneficial a wireless thermostat is, you can’t take advantage of its benefits if you don’t purchase a high-quality unit. You must conduct a thorough research to find out which brand offers the features that you need for your own house. Keep in mind that this type of appliance may or may not require a professional for proper installation. If you don’t want to spend additional money for a professional installer, you might want to consider getting a wireless thermostat that’s easy to install.

Why Do You Need A Freestanding Wine Cooler?

14 May, 2014

First of all, why do you need a wine cooler at all? It is a device only needed by those who love their wines and actually cherish a glass of chilled goodness while turning over the pages of a crime thriller. Well, the crime thriller is optional, but as you can read at the Cooling Wine website you absolutely need to get yourself a wine cooler if you love your wines.

The next question is what is a freestanding wine cooler? The answer could not be simpler. It is a cooler that stands in a corner of your house on its own with its belly full of expensive wines that you have been collecting. The other variant is built-in wine coolers that are installed inside the kitchen counter if you do not have enough legroom in your house.

The direct benefit of freestanding wine coolers is the amount of bottles you can store. Technically you can easily buy a cooler that holds 60+ wine bottles but the capacity of built-in coolers is obviously limited by the size of the kitchen counter.

The second benefit is of course flexibility. You can keep the freestanding cooler anywhere in the house. On the other hand, if you are in the mood for a glass of wine before you sleep, you have to get the wine from the kitchen and put it back once you are done which can easily ruin the mood.

So if you are a true wine connoisseur and love your chilled wine, it is always better to go for a freestanding wine cooler.

Fireproof Home Safes Factors You Should Know About

30 April, 2014

Home safes must be fireproof. Period.
They are not just a security safe that lets you store documents. Instead, they must be able to protect your valuables in the event of a fire.

However, as proven by Home Security View, not all home safes with fireproof feature are created equal. When purchasing them, take note of the following factors.

The items you will store.
Most home safes are fireproof but not all of them can store things like hard drives and CDs. These items require a specialized model. If you need to store computer devices, such as CDs and DVDs, you need to purchase home safes with special features that protect computer devices in the event of a fire.

The area
Home safes that can withstand fire are heavy. The larger they are, the heavier they become. Thus, you need a place where the floor will not collapse if you intend to purchase heavier home safes.

Choose a unit that will fit into the area where you are planning to put the safe.

The rating
If your goal of having home safes is to store your computer equipment, then make sure that the fire rating of such unit is at least 125. With this rating, the unit’s temperature inside will not go above 125 degrees during a fire.

The budget
The price tags for home safes will depend on their features. Cheaper units will have fireproof feature but can they protect your important documents?

But that does not mean you have to go with more expensive models. What you need here is to analyze whether or not saving money on home safes is worth it considering the potential to lose your essential devices or paperwork during a fire.
Then again, the decision is yours. The bottom line here is to choose home safes that can indeed protect your documents and devices, despite the cost.
Home Security View also tested 10 different home safes. So if you're interested in one of these units make sure to follow the links.

Does Steam Cleaning Beat Traditional Mopping?

13 March, 2014

If you are a good house keeper and love keeping your house clean and free from germs then you should be having a cleaning ceremony at your place every weekend if not every day. Now everybody have their personal choices, but the age long debate of whether to go for a traditional mopping option or the ultra-modern steam cleaning system never seems to come to an end.

Today we'll have a look at the electrical steam cleaning devices with vacuum and steaming properties. The vacuum sucks out dirt from every corner of the house and steam kills invisible germs.


  1. Cleans even the most unreachable corners of the hous.
  2. The steam kills almost all sorts of germs that cannot be seen with naked eyes.
  3. Some modified models clean tiles, shelves, back of the shelves and walls too.
  4. Extremely easy to handle. 5. No harmful chemicals of detergents are needed.
  5. Eco-friendly so no need of worrying about children and pets getting effected.


  1. Expensive compared to traditional moping
  2. Contributes to high utility bills
  3. No smell of refreshing detergents after cleaning (barring some brands and models). Although traditional mopping is still popular, steam cleaning has a ton of advantages of its own. So if you really want to have your place cleaned, just choose rationally

You can find more information at Steam Insider.

How To Choose The Best Water Filter For Your Home

02 March, 2014

If you have hard water problems in your house then you are not alone, there are innumerable people who face the same problem day in and out. Hard water not only damages the plumbing and the water based gadgets of your home but also leaves harmful effect on your health. A water filter is necessary to combat this problem but which one to choose?

The Choices Are Many

You can go for salt-based or salt-free water filters. RO (Reverse Osmosis) filters are also in vogue. Based on the space in your apartment, you can go for faucet mount, countertop or pitcher style filters. If the water is mildly hard then salt-free water softeners are fine. Else, go for the other variations.

There are many brands in the market too. No matter which type of filter you choose, you will definitely find a plethora of choices each of which will claim to “Soften” the water or remove lime scaling the most effectively. So which brand to fall for?

If you are feeling confused then you should take a look at the water filter reviews at SoftWaterFiltration. It will give you in-depth information about a lot of popular water filters along with complete and hones reviews about their performances. It will definitely make your job of choosing the perfect water filter much easier.

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